UWE Bristol

Drawing and Print

Class of 2018

Tommy Marka

Tommy Marka’s working practice is printmaking and he specialises in screen-printing. He has a professional attitude and is careful to create clean finished prints that are professionally handled, signed and ready for galleries and shows.

The silk-screen renders his sketches and illustrations into pieces of art. With a respect towards ‘relief-print’ Tommy Marka has adapted traditional exposure times to accommodate his printing technique. Mostly figurative, his work is described as graphic, colourful and witty, with clear intentions to direct visual narratives around humour, satire and parodies.

Tommy Marka’s work has roots in classic British satire, street-art, political-art and visual culture. Each of his prints in his recent series titled ‘lampooning the establishment’ is wrapped up in a visual language and tactically informed by a range of cultural material. “It is funny and intelligent the work opens a conversation between viewers.” Tommy Marka is able to tackle serious world affairs and topics in a unique, light-hearted and sharp manner. His work is also available in a digital edition.