UWE Bristol

Drawing and Print

Class of 2018

Samantha Zandile Ngwenya

My interest lies in the manipulation of light, spaces and colour mixing, which aims to evoke feelings of nostalgia, blissful solitude and curiosity, through the use of a meticulous style and detailed approach. My work shows that beauty and life can be found everywhere; office blocks, run-down streets, outside your window, bars, bathrooms etc. My paintings of urban life project a light onto the overlooked details in the mundane moments of day-to-day life in both day and night. All my paintings use the primary colours and white only; this was a challenge I set myself in order to dissect and re-learn my perceptions of colour and to gain higher knowledge as a practising painter. The inspiration for my ideas derives from the daily commute to work, university and my hometown, Bournemouth.

instagram: @szngwenya