UWE Bristol

Drawing and Print

Class of 2018

Cara Donn

Cara is a painter and printmaker who loves to use colour in her work. Whether her direction is whimsical, botanical or more graphic, her work is always packed with colour. She loves to evoke feelings of nostalgia and this is reflected in her palette which is usually dominated by pinks which are then complemented by yellows, greens and sometimes greys. Even when her work is detailed, textured and layered, Cara is always inspired by graphic elements, almost always adding a bold black line as her signature finishing touch.

Cara cares deeply for the environment and is very influenced by sustainability, and where possible will use recycled and found materials on which to create her works.Her colour palette is testament to this as you will often see the remains of old paint used in new works so as to reduce waste.

instagram: @doodlingdonn